Special Devices

Custom Devices

Globe Motors designs and manufactures the highest quality electromechanical devices to control motion systems in High Performance Industrial applications.

A broad portfolio of standard products are readily available worldwide through our distribution network, often within 48 hours; however, many satisfied customers routinely utilize our highly vertically integrated custom design and manufacturing capability.

Pictured here is a representative sample of the types of custom motion devices currently in production, each carefully configured to exacting customer requirements.

For quality motion devices, manufactured in world-class facilities, at competitive prices, contact Globe Motors.



Servo Drive
Industrial Motor w/Optical
Encoder Feedback
Servo Drive Photo
Oil Well Drilling
Down-Hole High Temp
Planetary Gearmotor
Oil Well Drilling Photo
Surgical Tools
High Speed Rare Earth
Surgical Tools Photo
Hand Tools
Wire Wrap
Drive Motor
Hand Tools Photo
Medical Photo
4-Wheel Drive Vehicles
Rotary Actuator
For Electronic Shift
4-Wheel Drive Vehicles Photo
Brushless DC
Medical Photo
Tape Drive
Computer Photo
Computer Peripheral
Line Printer Carriage Drive Motor and Feedback Tachometer
Computer Peripheral Photo