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DC Gearmotor Increases Torque



Efficient gearmotor solutions for hospital beds, powered awnings, turret drives, mobility conversions, and more are featured in a new brochure from Globe Motors™. The brochure details the performance, durability, and cost advantages of Globe Motors IM-21 gearmotors. IM-21 gearmotors are available in a 12, 19.1, 24 and 30.3 VDC, with a variety of standard gearbox configurations, up to 187.5 lb-in continuous torque and 600 lb-in intermittent torque. The brochure includes detailed configuration and performance specs.

For more information, contact Globe Motors: 937-228-3171; Fax 937-229-8531. Or send an email for quick response.


Globe Motors now conforms with the ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 standards.


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IM-21 Gearmotor

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