Electric Power Assisted Steering



Electric Power Assisted Steering systems (EPAS) will displace traditional hydraulic power steering systems over the next decade. Globe Motors has assisted in the development of these systems since the inception of EPAS. As a result, we have become a trusted and valuable partner to Tier 1 suppliers of these systems.

Using a Globe Motors DC brushless motor in the EPAS system ensures the reliability needed to allow the EPAS system to deliver superior performance, fuel economy, and safety, while reducing overall costs and assembly time.

Our DC brushless motors enhance EPAS system response. They do the heavy work when steering at low speeds and incorporate the sensor feedback instantaneously to maintain the traditional feel of responsiveness at high speeds.

EPAS systems improve fuel economy and reduce emissions by allowing the automobile’s engine to operate more efficiently and by reducing the weight of the vehicle. Traditional belt and pulley-driven systems continually drain power from the engine, reducing its operating efficiency and increasing emissions. The Globe Motors DC brushless motor operates independently of the engine. This can increase fuel economy by more than five percent. Motor-driven steering systems are also much lighter, often less than half the weight of traditional power steering systems.

Because the Globe Motors DC brushless motor operates independently of the engine, it provides steering assistance, even when the engine is not running. This increases driver and passenger safety.

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