In Motion


Globe Motors designs, manufactures, and distributes precision, subfractional horsepower motors and motorized devices throughout the world. For over half a century, since its founding by entrepreneur Max Isaacson, the Globe Motors name has meant turnkey, motion control solutions for valued customers that depend on performance to achieve competitive advantage.

Globe Motors application engineers are experienced in reviewing requirements and suggesting one of our standard solutions. When needs are unique, the Globe Motors engineering team works with you to create the optimal design for your project. Motion control assemblies can be designed to increase durability, reduce weight, decrease size, lower cost, or any other requirement based on your design criteria. State-of-the-art coil winding services from subsidiary Electrowind result in higher efficiencies in BLDC motors.

For more information, contact "The Motion Control Experts"™. Call 937-228-3171 or fax to 937-229-8531.